These are the essentials for Divorce Mediation to be successful from the start:


1.  You and your spouse agree that you will at least try mediation before engaging in contested divorce litigation.

2.  If you have children, you agree that you will not speak negatively about the other spouse.

3.  You agree that you will be open and honest about finances, coming to the table with information about debt, earnings and savings.

4.  If you have children, you agree that it is in the best interests of your children to move forward with both parents actively contributing to the upbringing of your children.

5.  You agree to speak civilly to each other under all circumstances.

6.  You agree to respect the relationship and marriage by not disparaging the other person outside of their presence.

7.  You agree to make no decisions of financial consequence until a budget is in place for the households.

8.  If substance abuse or an addiction of any kind is involved, you make a decision to seek out professional assistance.

9.  If other parties are involved with one spouse, you agree that that individual will not be part of the mediation process.

10.  You commit to resolving the issues you can, leaving a divorce professional mediator to help you with the rest.