With court houses in New Jersey closed as of March 13, 2020, and no definitive date set for reopening, many clients have inquired if divorces may be filed during this period.  The answer to this question is Yes.

Compassionate Divorce is offering filing and completion of your divorce without leaving the safety of your home.

How does the Electronic Divorce Process work:

In all New Jersey counties, electronic filing of divorce complaints, and all proceedings for divorce are being handled through the county JED (Judicial Electronic Document) system.

Compassionate Divorce is offering this service during COVID-19 for divorcing couples.

Who should use Compassionate Divorce’s Electronic Divorce?

Electronic Divorce is right for couples who:

Have a simple divorce with no assets to divide, but want an economical divorce quickly.
Have a divorce where they have decided the financial issues between them, and have a relatively uncomplicated financial situation. (In this scenario, the lawyers at Compassionate Divorce will assist in drafting a Marital Settlement Agreement that reflects a couples’ decisions around finances).
Are interested in a divorce that costs roughly about half the cost of a typical contested divorce.
Couples who have children and the parents have a fair idea of what would be appropriate parenting time for each parent.

Couples using Electronic Divorce can be divorced in 90-120 days without every leaving their home.

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