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Compassionate Divorce can help you separate from your spouse and begin the divorce proceedings no matter where you are in the process. We offer three levels of service based on your particular situation and you and your spouse’s level of communicating.

Uncontested Divorce

If you have no children, property, or debts to divide, your lawyers can prepare an uncontested divorce. A flat fee of $900 entitles you to unlimited meetings with our divorce attorney/mediator. This includes all meetings, the necessary paperwork for you to sign, and an appearance in court by our certified mediator/lawyer on your behalf.

Divorce with Agreed Marital Settlement Agreement

If you and your spouse agree on your issues, you can have a friendly divorce prepared. Your lawyers and financial advisor can prepare your comprehensive marital settlement agreement, meet with you and your spouse, obtain a divorce, and resolve all financial issues for a flat fee of $3750.00. This fee includes all meetings, review by our certified divorce financial advisor, filing in court, and appearance by our certified mediator/lawyer. This approach is available to couples married more than five years and results in a cost savings of approximately 66%.

Divorce Mediation

We offer divorce mediation at an affordable hourly rate. This mediation includes meetings with our certified mediator and our certified divorce financial planner, if necessary. This approach is appropriate for clients who have been married three or more years, have not resolved all issues, and require a certified mediator to assist them in resolving divorce issues, including parenting and custody. The hourly rate for mediation services is $350.00 per hour.

Let our team help you discover a clear path toward a fair, healthy, and successful resolution. Call us at (855 352-5851) to set up a consultation now.

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