You and your spouse may have started a divorce not agreeing about anything. There may be bitterness and resentment, and you may each have made a decision to fight it out in Court.

That decision right now, guarantees you a much longer path to divorce.  The courthouses are open for filings in New Jersey, but if you haven’t decided the issues in your divorce, it could be more than a year, minimum, before you get in to see a Judge, and even longer if you want a trial. That’s why we are here to help, offering our services to expedite your divorce in as little as 3 months.

If COVID teaches anything, it’s the value of what’s important.  What’s important is life and living each day at your best: being there for yourself and your family.

You can make a decision to resolve your differences yourselves or with the assistance of a mediator, and be divorced in the near future.  Those services are the foundation of Compassionate Divorce.  We believe that you and your spouse should decide the intimate issues in your marriage and family, not a judge, who knows nothing about what is important to you.

Research shows that individuals who resolve their own divorce virtually never have to return to Court to decide issues that come up later.  Those couples who elect a contentious path initially, wed their lives to it.  Back and forth to court for years, never putting behind them the bitterness and rancor of their divorce.

Compassionate Divorce believes this in injurious to families and their finances.  Better to spend only one half of the cost of a typical divorce and decide issues in a way that benefits you, your spouse, your children and your future.


We are open for business during COVID-19.  Though our physical office is closed for now, and we don’t know when it will reopen, we are available to you at anytime to discuss your divorce and help you in a way that is helpful.  Call us at 201-420-4762 or text us at 201-238-3148 to set up a free confidential consultation.